Embrace the benefits of servitization
70% of manufacturing companies that were on the Fortune 1000 list ten years ago have vanished. Survivors include IBM, Boeing, General Motors, John Deere, Rolls Royce, and Philips – they are market leaders because they continuously renew offerings, recharge capabilities and redesign their organisations.

From doggy treats to fake chat-bots, this new book is the antidote to boring business theory
Huge business change has to start somewhere.A new book from the team at Fluxx:“Whatever happens, we don’t want people to write to the Daily Mail” aims to show hungry business people how to quickly unlock potential and reinvent a business – with a ‘test and learn’ approach to new ideas and projects.

Your LinkedIn Profile – Are head-hunters contacting you with great jobs?
No? Key Steps to a creating an awesome LinkedIn profile!

Is the sharing economy really the future?
The sharing economy is here; from ZipCar to Uber, Airbnb to Couchsurfing.

Agile – a chemical romance?
Think about how you feel when you tick something off your to-do list or – if you work in an Agile environment – when you move a task post-it to ‘done’? You feel good right? This natural ‘high’ is due to a hit of dopamine: a chemical reward from your brain designed to keep you focused on the end goal. A recent report stated that higher productivity and team morale are in the top five benefits of Agile ways of working

Effective Pre-Interview Preparation for Candidates: 11 essential steps
Perhaps surprisingly candidates often overlook the importance of effective pre-interview planning.

Decide when to get to the point and when to expand your presentation
In the main, presentations benefit from brevity and clarity.When time is limited you need to decide what’s essential for your clients or colleagues to know.Too much information may confuse them about what’s most important.Sometimes, however, you’ll find that your audience wants to know more about something you’ve said and you need to expand the point.

Five key tips for a customer centric IT operating model
Everyone talks about ‘going digital’, but what does this mean to the leadership team of a large company in structuring the IT function? In short, we think it is all about customer centricity.

Big data and customer relationships: lots of data, not enough analysis
The vast array of channels that companies manage, which involves interactions with customers, generates an abundance of data. When you combine the less-structured data generated from digital channels, such as e-mail, chat, and social media, with more traditional data related to sales or customer profiles, there is an enormous opportunity to enrich the customer experience. So why are only a small number of companies leveraging this data to enhance their customer’s journey?

How should a job seeker handle a counter offer?
The dilemma of what to do when presented with a counter offer is age old.

What the top consulting firms are doing to consistently deliver profitable projects
The consulting industry is experiencing unprecedented shifts, with increased competition, tighter margins and the continued war on talent.

How will artificial intelligence affect the UK economy?
Artificial intelligence can transform the productivity and GDP potential of the UK landscape. But, we need to invest in the different types of AI technology to make that happen.

Growth mindset? Which growth mindset?
Mindset isn’t just mindset; Potential isn’t just potential.There is a link between mindset and potential. They both relate to realising an individual's future capabilities that currently are not evident.

HeForShe – what women want, and what men can do
According to a World Economic Forum report, just 20% of the global workforce delivering professional services to government is female. And the brilliant HeForShe Whitehall event we recently co-hosted, has made me think properly about what my role is in changing (and not perpetuating) that.

The five global shifts reshaping the world we live in. What are the implications for organisations, industries and wider society, right now and in the future? How can we shape and respond to them?

Brand importance for management consultancy firms seeking the best talent
In a competitive environment brand is becoming ever more important.It is much more than simply a logo and a tagline.It is the basis on which people perceive your services and values.

The End of Jobs and The Future of Work
It seems that whatever the country, whatever the economic context, the critical question is becoming ever more pertinent; what is the future of work in an era of exponential technology development?

PwC predicts robo-economist could make firm most accurate forecaster on market
PwC is on the cusp of launching a robo-economist that could make the company the "most accurate" economic forecaster on the market. The professional services firm has developed a form of artificial intelligence (AI) with a 92% strike rate when it comes to predicting the result of UK gross domestic product (GDP).

4 strategies for strengthening your Brand Equity
How much is your brand worth? Donald Trump values his personal brand at more than $3billion, while being knee-deep in international intrigue and political controversy aren’t problems most business leaders have to deal with, the fragility of brand equity is something that all entrepreneurs need to be aware of.

Five reasons why innovation is fundamental
Endless potential for creativity and innovation, our recent Deloitte Hackathon brought together a hub of inspiration and activity through colleague collaboration and teamwork. With a focus on providing colleagues with a space to transform business ideas to opportunities, key areas of the Hackathon focused on Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data, Wellness, Social Impact and an Open Category for all other ideas.

Disruptive Technologies Influencing the Future of Logistics to 2025
Technological intrusion in the logistics space has resulted in minimizing the current complexity. Trends such as connectivity have resulted in creating new types of service deliveries centered on app-based and marketplace models that are already disrupting the supply chain. The study is broken down into three clusters—technology scenarios, business scenarios and market scenarios—covering the new innovations, business models, and routes and regions that are expected to create a multitude of opportunities in the logistics space.

Can a great leader lead anywhere?
The myth: A great leader in an organisation is a born leader. They can take their leadership style anywhere in the world and be successful. Great leaders are charismatic and extroverted, and they don't need a second opinion to make a tough call. So long as someone is equipped with these attributes, they're guaranteed to succeed. Why does the myth exist?

5 practical ways to use mindfulness to allow creativity to flourish
Creativity and innovation are becoming the distinguishing factors for success in a world that is characterized by change, uncertainty and complexity.Using mindfulness in your business can help foster innovation and creativity and set you apart from your competitors.

Flying Cars Are Close To Moving From Fiction To Reality
If you told me a few years ago that in next 10 years we would have flying cars, I would have dismissed it as pure fiction. I have to say given the maturity of drone technology, advent of autonomous vehicles and giant strides we are making in AI, I believe we will see first applications of flying vehicles for recreational activities in the next five years. There are over 15 start-ups, globally, that are actively involved in building a future flying car, by my firm's count.

Gender equality – how the need to innovate turned it from an ‘ought’ into a ‘must’
Gender equality in the workplace is a good thing – we know diversity makes businesses better. What’s interesting, is that our new innovation research tells us something new. In a world that requires businesses to respond fast to change, gender equality in the workplace is not only a good thing but a necessary thing.

The 5 crucial characteristics of a new world organisation
Changing market conditions, the impact of technology, and the differing expectations of five generations in the workplace at once have contributed to a huge change in organisations across the world...

Strategy Definition versus Strategic Planning
One of the most overused word in consulting is probably the word “strategy”.

Career management: the role of the ‘fantasy CV’
A successful career requires not just the ability to do a good job.

Disruptive Technologies
Explore how disruptive technologies can impact the Sustainable Development Goals.

How to get your Board to be cyber-savvy
Every week it seems there is another significant data breach or cyber-attack hitting the headline with the CEO having to explain what went wrong and what their organisation is doing about it. But the damage has been done and there some companies where the first thing that springs to mind about them is cyber-attack or breach.

Advertise Less, Innovate More
Customers are increasingly “opting out” of adworld. They skip, AdBlock and pay premiums for ad-free entertainment. The rise of adblockers and paid ad-free media platforms from Spotify to Netflix is testimony to consumer desire to opt-out. Even the New York Times announced they will explore a higher-priced, ad-free subscription option in 2017.

5 Technologies Changing the Retail Landscape
Mixed reality, Internet of Things and advanced analytics are shaking up the retail industry. Is your business ready?

5 Tips on How to Cut Costs Without Affecting the Customer Experience
All businesses look to reduce costs without slaughtering the customer experience, however, balancing the two can be difficult to achieve if you aren’t up to date with the digital technology revolution that is currently in place. Technology such as mobile tech, scan as you shop and Click & Collect continues to reshape retail.

Exploring value-oriented incremental delivery
Are you a recent adopter of Agile Methodologies or maybe you’ve been a practitioner for a while and wondering why some of the practices don’t make sense all the time? Maybe you’ve developed fatigue over various ceremonies involved in Agile or Scrum environments or are frustrated by an inability to define what valuable functionality will be delivered within a fixed timescale. Fear not, Value-Oriented Incremental Delivery (Void) can help

How to take your people with you on a change journey
Change is inevitable. Be it in business or personal life, it often requires new ways of thinking and doing – shifting people from what they are used to, to the unknown.

Five Tips for introducing Strengths-based ways of working in your organization
Workplace psychology has recently undergone a revolution.

3 alternatives to a pay rise you could offer your employees in 2017
After the economic uncertainty of the last 12 months, it’s not all that likely that 2017 will be a time for employers to seriously consider handing out pay rises. So what else can employers offer to their best people? Here are three things to get you started…

Five ways to engage your people and make your customers love you
Looking to increase sales? Then focus on your customers and make them your number one priority, right?

Finding your first job in cyber security: A guide for computer science and technology graduates.
Just finishing a degree in computer science? Interested in switching jobs? You may want to strongly consider a career in cyber security. Although most technology graduates are sought after these days, cyber security professionals are particularly in high demand.

Are you clear on why you need to innovate?
What does innovation mean to you? Is it about improving the customer experience, creating new products or changing how you work with your employees? Anita Chandraker, PA digital expert, discusses how organisations can align innovation to their core purpose to succeed.

Understanding the Cloud Spectrum
Cloud computing is often thought of as one technology, but organizations should consider which type of cloud computing is the most effective.

Intelligent Empowerment: The Next Wave of Technology-led Disruption
Technology is leading a new wave of disruption in our society. While powerful governments are worried about the potential implications of “intelligent” systems and robots displacing jobs, we're seeing more examples of such systems enabling business transformations. Intelligent Empowerment is a shift that brings together the best of both worlds: augmenting human intelligence with machine intelligence through the use of data and techniques such as Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Reimagine and craft the employee experience: Design thinking in action
How customers experience your business starts with how employees experience it. Design thinking helps create an engaging workplace that delights the workforce during the “moments that matter.”

5 habits that are preventing you from reaching your potential as a leader
Traditional leadership is all about capitalising on certain strengths. "Focus on what you do best and surround yourself with people who have complementary strengths."But in recent years, a lot of leadership theory has started to consider the flipside of this scenario. In other words, when it comes to strengths, you can sometimes have too much of a good thing.

Untangle your Enterprise
Enterprise organizations are stuck. Organizations spend years investing in new business capabilities, integrating acquisitions, and modernizing technology stacks, essential to bringing best-of-breed solutions to market. However, these strategic investments generally result in a tangled mess of legacy technology, skill-sets, processes, and culture.

Why every business needs an adventurer at the helm
History is punctuated by the names of great explorers; we all know Columbus, Amundsen, and Armstrong.

Do you know who has access to what in your organisation?
We spend so much time protecting our businesses from external threats, we often forget one of our greatest threats – insiders.

ThoughtWorks' bi-annual Technology Radar highlights emerging trends in augmented reality and changing structure of software teams
ThoughtWorks, a global technology company, today issued the latest Technology Radar, a bi-annual assessment of trends and technology significantly impacting software development and shaping the future of tech.

Big data…start small, think big, act fast
Like many people I’m excited and inspired by the possibilities the enormous amount of data we now have opens up. But, unlike others, what I’m excited about isn’t its capacity to answer big questions. I’m excited about its ability to have a big impact by helping organisations overcome small challenges. And about the way that idea catches on. It’s like lighting a touch paper.

Interact or Die Trying
Your relationship with your customers will constantly be at stake. It’s a shocking thought. Let’s take a moment to gain some perspective.

Do You Have What It Takes To Transform?
Customer 4.0: we’re now in a world that’s led by customers who are increasingly outcome-driven. Relevance and value are achieved by positioning yourself into the customer’s universe, being there when they need you, and getting out of the way when they don’t.

Meet the IBM Watson-powered robot that could make your next smartphone
IBM's cloud-connected robot arm shows off the flexibility of the factory robots of tomorrow.

7 ways your company is getting innovation wrong...
Though it has always been important, innovation is very much en vogue at the moment. Following the rise of legions of ‘disruptive’ new start-ups and big technological leaps forward in the past few years, it seems like every business leader is talking about how to keep their business responsive to change and their hunt for the next big thing. But many are not matching their words with actions, as new research by PA Consulting demonstrates.

Blockchain's future in oil and gas: Transformative or Transient?
​Important advances in technology rarely come with a full embrace at the start. Ground-breaking ideas can yield as many doubters as disciples...

Why Rapunzel is the perfect fairy tale for business storytelling
We live in a world of stories.

2017 Technology Trends-The haves are breaking away from the have-nots
The trends and innovations that will shape the technology industry over the next several years have come into sharper focus. Cloud computing has gone mainstream for many enterprises, and the Internet of Things is changing how both industrial and consumer-oriented companies do business.

3 Golden Rules to make your API Strategy deliver real Business Outcomes
Organizations need an API and integration strategy. It’s both an essential building block for supporting overall business strategy and a critical enabler of digital transformation.

Rebooting IT Infrastructure for the Digital Age
IT infrastructure is a core component of success Digital Transformation. However, very few