When all is said and done, everybody wants to know they have made a difference in someone’s life. Regardless of your personality type, background or age, you can choose to create an inspirational transaction and positively impact people around you, or as chief inspirational officer Terry Barber calls it, your “Inspiration Factor.”

And when the “Inspiration Factor” goes up, according to Barber, so does loyalty that can be applied to all facets of life—family, employees, team members, customers, donors, and friends.

Through his new book of the same name, The Inspiration Factor, Barber reveals the seven principles of inspiration and how implementing even one of them can positively impact someone’s life. Implement all seven and you will change the very culture in which you live and work. When the principles are applied at home, families become safe and fun environments. When applied at work, team members become more loyal as do customers, clients, and donors.

“The market is overrun with books on ‘leadership’ and ‘motivation,’” says Barber. “But do a search for inspiration and little is there beyond a category that has mostly been captured by the religious crowd.”

“What most people don’t realize is that inspiration is a precursor to leadership. Inspiration is even a precursor to motivation. Inspiration, in fact, is a new category for business.”

Throughout The Inspiration Factor, Barber uses insights, humor, and gripping stories to impart the seven proven principles and will help you—as an individual and as part of an organization—to:
• Be the most valuable team leader in your company
• Grow your sphere of influence
• Manage up
• Get ahead by inspiring those around you
• Revitalize your company culture after a very difficult economic down time

“I’ve had the great privilege of rubbing shoulders with men and women who inspired me,” adds Barber, “and now I want to inspire others. Though we may come from different backgrounds, with widely varied experiences and our personalities differ in many ways, every person is uniquely equipped to inspire others.”

Terry Barber is an inspirational speaker and corporate trainer and known as the Chief Inspiration Officer by his clients. For the last twenty years he has been a consultant to nonprofits on how to inspire their constituents to give and get involved. Some of the organizations he served included Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Duke Cancer Center, AARP Foundation, and the ALS (Lou Gehrig Disease) Association. He is also a noted media resource, he has been interviewed on ABC News Now, Fox News, and CNN Radio and featured in Forbes, BusinessWeek, and on HR.com. Some of the topics he speaks on are What Business Can Learn from Nonprofits about Being Inspiring and Raising up Inspiring Teams.