8.  Recruiting for creative, entrepreneurial talent

Research from Accenture Operations has found that organizations increasingly are looking to hire creative, innovative talent as part of their broader move toward developing intelligent operations that harness talent, data, and intelligence to make them more agile and responsive.

ThoughtWorks 11.  Fertile data: Why building quality into your process is important

article imageWhen it comes to data quality, most technologists are familiar with the adage “Garbage in, garbage out”; and yet today, most organizations appear to be content with wallowing in junk. Just 3% of organizations examined by Harvard Business Review had data that met basic quality standards.

KPMG 12.  Unlocking deal value in supply chain product flows

article imageDeal results can be enhanced if acquirers focus on the supply chain during diligence and integration. Deals that involve complex supply chains often leave additional value on the table by overlooking the importance of a product flow analysis.

Gartner 16.  Intangibles Now Drive More Productivity Than Tangibles - Perhaps via

article imageI recently read Capitalism without Capital which I thought was a great book. Here is my review. It turns out that I have read a number of research papers and books over the last few years on the same kind of thread: how intangibles are becoming more valuable to organizations than tangibles are when it comes to driving productivity and growth. - by Andrew White

BearingPoint 17.  How to boost Europe’s digital economy

article imageWhen historians try to make sense of our era, one word help sum things up – digital. Society and the economy are changing rapidly as digital technology is changing traditional business models and upending entire industries.

Hitachi Consulting Europe 18.  Project management ninjas thrive here

article imageWhen you think about the compelling article written in this recent CIO Magazine article, one can’t help but recognize the plight of many failed IT projects is due to poor project oversight. Calling out the fact of “administration is not management “ is all too accurate. Project managers in today’s world need to be able to step outside of their comfort zone.

PA Consulting Group 19.  Higher education’s goal is to benefit society

article imageKeith Burnett is absolutely right that our university system is in a mess, but less so in suggesting that “no one knows what to do about it” (“British universities face a crisis of over-ambitious expansion”, August 1).The root of the problem is not increased participation, but the apparent acceptance that higher education is all about the money, both for students and providers.