Capgemini UK plc 2.  How Work Will Change When Most of Us Live to 100

article imageAccording to the work of demographer Professor James Vaupel and his co-researchers, 50% of babies born in the US in 2007 have a life expectancy of 104 or more. Broadly the same holds for the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Canada and for Japan 50% of 2007 babies can expect to live to a staggering 107.

7.  Five big numbers for 2017

61% -That’s the proportion of clients that we surveyed in the US recently who said that they were already involved with, or planning, initiatives related to artificial intelligence (AI), furthering the idea–currently being pushed by people from Silicon Valley to Washington and beyond– that we stand at the cusp of a new wave of automation.

PA Consulting Group 8.  The Customer-led Revolution

article imageThe world has changed. Proliferating choice and hyper-connectivity mean customers are more empowered than ever. Technology and generational dynamics have changed the way people connect and relate, placing customers at the centre of their own universe

Strategy& 14.  How To Build A Post-Brexit Business Strategy

article imageFollowing Brexit, the British government and the E.U. will spend the next several years negotiating a divorce that balances their economic, political, and social interests.The terms of exit and the trade deals that will follow will be unprecedented in their complexity...

PwC 15.  These will be the 32 most powerful economies in 2030

article imagePWC just released its predictions for the most powerful economies in the world by 2030.The report, titled "The long view: how will the global economic order change by 2050?" ranked 32 countries by their projected global gross domestic product by purchasing power parity.

Strategy& 18.  10 principles of strategy through execution

article imageHow to link where your company is headed with what it does best.These ten principles - derived from our experience working with global business - can help you build strong links between strategy and execution now and in the years to come.