1.  4 strategies for strengthening your Brand Equity

How much is your brand worth? Donald Trump values his personal brand at more than $3billion, while being knee-deep in international intrigue and political controversy aren’t problems most business leaders have to deal with, the fragility of brand equity is something that all entrepreneurs need to be aware of.

Deloitte 2.  Five reasons why innovation is fundamental

article imageEndless potential for creativity and innovation, our recent Deloitte Hackathon brought together a hub of inspiration and activity through colleague collaboration and teamwork. With a focus on providing colleagues with a space to transform business ideas to opportunities, key areas of the Hackathon focused on Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data, Wellness, Social Impact and an Open Category for all other ideas.

Frost And Sullivan 3.  Disruptive Technologies Influencing the Future of Logistics to 2025

article imageTechnological intrusion in the logistics space has resulted in minimizing the current complexity. Trends such as connectivity have resulted in creating new types of service deliveries centered on app-based and marketplace models that are already disrupting the supply chain. The study is broken down into three clusters—technology scenarios, business scenarios and market scenarios—covering the new innovations, business models, and routes and regions that are expected to create a multitude of opportunities in the logistics space.

Hudson 4.  Can a great leader lead anywhere?

article imageThe myth: A great leader in an organisation is a born leader. They can take their leadership style anywhere in the world and be successful. Great leaders are charismatic and extroverted, and they don't need a second opinion to make a tough call. So long as someone is equipped with these attributes, they're guaranteed to succeed. Why does the myth exist?

Frost And Sullivan 6.  Flying Cars Are Close To Moving From Fiction To Reality

article imageIf you told me a few years ago that in next 10 years we would have flying cars, I would have dismissed it as pure fiction. I have to say given the maturity of drone technology, advent of autonomous vehicles and giant strides we are making in AI, I believe we will see first applications of flying vehicles for recreational activities in the next five years. There are over 15 start-ups, globally, that are actively involved in building a future flying car, by my firm's count.

PwC 12.  How to get your Board to be cyber-savvy

article imageEvery week it seems there is another significant data breach or cyber-attack hitting the headline with the CEO having to explain what went wrong and what their organisation is doing about it. But the damage has been done and there some companies where the first thing that springs to mind about them is cyber-attack or breach.

ThoughtWorks 13.  Advertise Less, Innovate More

article imageCustomers are increasingly “opting out” of adworld. They skip, AdBlock and pay premiums for ad-free entertainment. The rise of adblockers and paid ad-free media platforms from Spotify to Netflix is testimony to consumer desire to opt-out. Even the New York Times announced they will explore a higher-priced, ad-free subscription option in 2017.

REPL Consulting 15.  5 Tips on How to Cut Costs Without Affecting the Customer Experience

article imageAll businesses look to reduce costs without slaughtering the customer experience, however, balancing the two can be difficult to achieve if you aren’t up to date with the digital technology revolution that is currently in place. Technology such as mobile tech, scan as you shop and Click & Collect continues to reshape retail.

ThoughtWorks 16.  Exploring value-oriented incremental delivery

article imageAre you a recent adopter of Agile Methodologies or maybe you’ve been a practitioner for a while and wondering why some of the practices don’t make sense all the time? Maybe you’ve developed fatigue over various ceremonies involved in Agile or Scrum environments or are frustrated by an inability to define what valuable functionality will be delivered within a fixed timescale. Fear not, Value-Oriented Incremental Delivery (Void) can help