Moorhouse Consulting 3.  3 things we can do to look after ourselves and each other at work

article imageIf you had a superpower what would it be? The ability to fly? The ability to travel through time? The ability to turn back the clock? For me I would love to be able to see round corners. Not in an ostrich neck kind of way but being able to anticipate and see things coming before they either hit me at speed or creep up and catch me by surprise.

Moorhouse Consulting 5.  M&A: How good are you at integrating different cultures?

article imageM&A activity has remained robust in the UK as companies continue to look for growth and consolidation opportunities. As a solid appetite for transactions is predicted, the pressure is on for companies to deliver growth for their shareholders. After finding the right acquisition target, the next key question for management is ‘Can they deliver a successful integration?’

PA Consulting Group 6.  The Humanisation of Technology

article imageHumans are interacting with technology in ways we used to only dream of. Take any science fiction book, and you’ll easily find the parallels with technology that’s now in use today. Advances in AI and automation technology, the digitisation of assets and processes, and the proliferation of data are fundamental drivers of change in organisations and society as a whole.

WIPRO 7.  4 Types of Workers, and How to Manage Them

article imageA strong organization mirrors a well-designed puzzle. Any stable organization will have a diverse group of individuals, with the same overarching goal. Just like a puzzle, each piece is unique, but when assembled, a unified image will be formed.

PA Consulting Group 8.  The Pros & Cons of Outsourcing Technology Development

article imageBuilding a business is notoriously difficult. It’s a struggle to find the expertise and resources needed to start out in any industry, let alone make a considerable impact. But even once a business does make a name for itself, these challenges become even more pressing.

Gartner 9.  The Future of Work

article imageFor the next 10 years at least, work will revolve around human beings, with AI and smart machines augmenting human aptitude and capabilities.

The Management Centre 10.  Leadership:Finding your style

article imageManaging a team and maintaining – or even upgrading – their performance is a big, time consuming job, however experienced you are.

PA Consulting Group 11.  Why Agile delivery demands a different type of leader

article imageLeadership in an Agile environment is a world away from the traditions of ‘command and control’. Agile teams are self-organising and empowered, and decision-making is devolved. In this environment traditional management methods can block the innovation and collaboration that characterises successful Agile teams.

Deloitte 13.  Big 4 Blog- Interview Questions and Answers

article imageDeloitte interview questions, as well as those of other Big 4 firms (KPMG, Ernst & Young, PwC) tend be similar, even across the world. Part of doing your homework before the interview is discovering those questions and putting together some answers in the event you get asked them.

ThoughtWorks 14.  How to be a junior software developer

article imageIn my time as a junior at ThoughtWorks, I was blessed to have opportunities to grow and develop my skills on several interesting projects, with the help of some amazing people. In this article, I want to share the strategy I used to maximize my professional development. If you’re in a similar position, I hope this will help you make your first steps into tech successful. If you’re a senior or team lead, I hope that this will help you to support juniors in growing and becoming productive. If you’re a company, I hope that this will provide some context for how to hire and staff junior developers.

PA Consulting Group 16.  Embrace automation and release your employees’ creativity

article imageAutomation is set to impact every single aspect of the workplace. It’s already begun to replace tasks and processes done by humans which don’t require complex decision making. For example, a company called Momentum Machines has created a robot that will make and flip a hamburger in under 10 seconds. Imagine how this would make you feel if you worked in the fast food industry. Eventually, as artificial intelligence evolves, humans will make fewer and fewer decisions. A study by Oxford University researchers estimates that 47 per cent of U.S. jobs could be automated within the next two decades.