Forbes 4.  Advanced Technologies In Finance And Audit Today

article imageCompanies are deploying advanced technologies, like the cloud and artificial intelligence, in a variety of ways. With AI, for example, organisations are finding ways to be more productive, increase speed to market and better engage with customers. These technologies are also increasingly being deployed in the finance function, a trend that is ultimately transforming finance and the audit for the better.

Forbes 5.  The Tech Behind A Digital Transformation

article imageDigital transformation has become a hot topic as of late. Once you decide that your business needs one, how do you go about actually implementing the technology to bring your business forward? Here are three key ways that most businesses need to adapt for the digital age, and some technology that can help get you there:

Forbes 8.  Seven Priorities To Accelerate Digital Transformation Maturity and Success

article imageLove it or hate it, digital transformation isn’t going away any time soon. As a buzzword, it’s attained eyeroll status. As a movement in business modernisation however, I’ve learned to respect it. So, what is digital transformation exactly? As digital transformation evolves into total business transformation, so does how we define it...

10.  5 Reasons You Should Crowdfund in 2019

We’ve said goodbye to 2018 and after celebrating on New Year’s Eve, we’ve felt just optimistic enough to make ambitious resolutions, though experience tells us they are likely to be forgotten within a few short weeks.Rather than recommending you neglect Netflix in favour of a gym membership or give up your favourite tipple for kale smoothies, I’ll give you something better:five reasons that show why 2019 is the year your business should use crowdfunding.

PA Consulting Group 15.  9 essential reads for business leaders from 2018

article imageOrganisations around the world have faced new challenges in 2018, giving rise to exciting new opportunities. As an innovation and transformation consultancy that believes in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future in a technology-driven world, we’re at the forefront of seizing those opportunities. And that gives us unique insights into the space where strategy, technology and innovation collide – where opportunity appears.

PA Consulting Group 17.  No one can predict 2019. But everyone can plan for it

article imageAround this time each year, my inbox begins to fill up with messages from organisations offering up their predictions for the next year. As a futurist, people also often ask me what my own predictions are for 2019. This is a question that provides me with an opportunity to clear up a common misconception – in fact, good futurists rarely make predictions, and certainly not for a time horizon as soon as just a few weeks away.