2.  Organisational culture ­– adapting to the new norms of high performance

For many years, we have understood that organisational culture is key to supporting high performing organisations.In the 80’s, Hofstede set out core concepts of what culture is, and how it drives performance within organisations – ‘performance depends on the fit between strategy and culture’.Even today, the adage ‘culture trumps strategy every time’ is often cited when organisations are seeking to improve performance or embark on business transformation.

ThoughtWorks 7.  Six agile habits of a leader

article imageLarge enterprise leadership has conventionally been guided by traditional business thinking - while market conditions and competitive landscapes determine business goals, organisations are solely measured on revenue and profits.

8.  Employees, the secret consumers in your organisation

Today’s workforce landscape is entering a new era.For the first time, five generations are co-existing in the workplace, all with different needs and wants, jostling for their employers’ attention.At the same time, the gig economy is booming.From Baby Boomers to Gens X, Y and Z; acquiring and developing the best talent has never been more challenging.

12.  Artificial Intelligence demystified

It’s just one small step from a self-driving car to AIs taking over the world and the “end of days” dystopias that Hollywood has popularised in a number of recent films.According to Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells, Alexandra Whittington, April Koury, and Helen Calle, of Fast Future this is, at least, what some would have us believe.

Deloitte 13.  4 Qualities of Resilient Leaders

article imageLeaders are continually put to the test in today’s volatile marketplace. Industries face disruption, known and unknown risks abound, and crises seem to lurk around every corner.

15.  Crowdfunding says goodbye to the Gatekeepers and hello to New Power

No one can deny that the social and political landscape is changing.Driven by the digital revolution and gathering pace as the number of so-called ‘digital natives’ reach adulthood, this paradigm shift is a result of society shunning traditional leadership models and preferring direct connection instead of intermediation.It’s because of this shift that crowdfunding was born, and the effects it’s having on society are far more profound than many realise.

ThoughtWorks 17.  Is the Red Queen right about digital?

article imageThe ever-changing business landscape reminds me of what Lewis Carroll’s Red Queen says to Alice, “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.” Today, I see legacy enterprises in a similar state of flux where they are trying to maintain a status quo, while digital is fast becoming the overwhelming norm. This Red Queen Effect highlights the dilemma of any large enterprise that’s trying to differentiate itself in the digital age.

20.  How IoT Will Impact Business

article imageThe Internet of Things is the interconnection of devices across a broad spectrum in our daily lives. Inside of it is an innumerable amount of data that travels between devices and servers that are constantly analysing what we are doing and how we are doing it.