Sometimes things seem to conspire against you and you lose the plot; stress hormones get released, your heart starts pounding and your sense of humour makes a swift exit ‘stage left’.

Feeling pressurised and flustered, you find yourself making poor decisions, ones you’ll regret later. Sound at all familiar? How much better would it be if we were able to remain resilient in the face of all the challenges we face every day that can take so much out of us?

Business owners, managers and employees who are resilient have a definite edge; they perform better and are able to sustain that performance when the going gets tough. They have more energy, are more resourceful, creative and connected and embrace change, successfully leading their teams who in turn achieve more.

Charlotte Hitchings from Toastmasters International has found that people in leadership positions who have been identified as being resilient have some specific qualities and skills. Most crucial are three fundamental capabilities; self-care, pacing and being able to gain perspective on whatever you are dealing with.

So how can we develop and strengthen these capabilities? Charlotte has some advice: