Some believe that employer and employee loyalty is so last century and that it is fine to have lots of moves on your CV.

Wrong, and here’s why.

CVs with many employer moves are a big concern for management consultancy employers who often tell us that they will reject a candidate for this reason, without considering interviewing them.

So what is acceptable and what isn’t?

There is of course no definitive answer and it does depend to an extent on what stage of your career you are at. A few job moves in the early stages of your career is generally thought to be more acceptable. Broadly speaking one recent employer of fewer than 18 months duration is OK while two moves is borderline and starts carrying the risk that you will be a less attractive candidate in the eyes of employers and recruiters.

You may have very good reasons for the moves and be able to explain them well face to face. However you may not be given the opportunity to do so!

In these days of portfolio careers and given the importance of gaining good experience why does it matter?