And in a previous blog post, we noted that to attract and benefit from such people, organizations need to redesign how they recruit, hire, deploy, and motivate them.

In this post, we delve a little deeper into the first part of that equation: recruiting and hiring. To find and bring aboard the talent who embody a creative, entrepreneurial spirit and curiosity for innovation—the top workforce requirement both today and three years from now, according to our study—organizations themselves must think and act differently. Several aspects of recruiting require special attention.

Understanding the profile of people who will be successful in these new and emerging roles creates a strong foundation for recruiting this talent. For example, passion, curiosity, tenacity, and agility may be more important than, say, software coding skills. These are probably different from the characteristics organizations have historically pursued. And although the characteristics can vary by industry, culture, geography, and targeted workforce, it is essential that the organization defines exactly what it’s looking for. These “success” profiles guide where the organization looks for candidates, how it assesses and interviews candidates and increases the likelihood of success once a new hire joins the organization.

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