Any management consultant knows that giving a business an image change can involve some big expenditures, particularly in the marketing department. That said, there are some huge benefits to raising your business’ profile, some of which cancel out the cost of a marketing campaign. Taking leadership and steering your company in the right direction will involve a fair amount of effort, and a campaign that works with customers, with employees that are on board, too.

A targeted marketing strategy
While you might have to put some budget aside for a bit of re-branding, a clever marketing strategy should utilize everyone who is already in your team. Changing your business’ tone and aesthetic will get it noticed by simply switching it up. On top of this, you should also use analytics to figure out who your key customers are and how to tailor your strategy to them.

A good relationship with customers
If it’s free press your company’s looking for, then keeping your customer engagement as a priority will ensure that you will have an organic reach by word of mouth. Excelling at providing a helpful, friendly service will get you noticed by virtue of being a preferable option to other, less helpful businesses. Engaging customers through social media and asking them for feedback will get you noticed for valuing those you who use your service.

If you’re looking to install a high-tech FAQ section to your website, then replacing it with a chatbot will not only give an active-sense of helping customers who are in need of an answer, but it will also save your business money. If you have a customer service team that is already under a substantial amount of pressure, then adding one of these features to your website will help to alleviate any repetitive questions they are getting on a daily basis. Instant response and 24/7 support are website features that customers will respond to positively, and they will more than likely return with business if their queries and problems are responded to in real time and resolved quickly. Feedback can also show customers they are valued, and that their opinions are taken into account and considered.

A modern website
If your company’s website looks like every corporate-owned website out there, then visitors will probably give it a miss for something that’s more visually enticing. Hiring a web designer and working closely with them to curate an aesthetic that is tailored to your company’s brand and tone will immediately identify your business as being different and modern. Writing good content and using SEO techniques to link people to the content will start to create organic reach. Showing expertise gives visitors a reason to come back to and recommend your site to others, as well as sharing the content. A website that takes into account search engine optimization and pay per click techniques will rank highly and get people investigating what you have to offer.

Awareness of media
If you have spent a large amount of money on some new video campaigns or a re-brand, then reaching out to the media is one way of ensuring that your company is seen. Building a relationship with media outlets means you might have a head-start with your press releases and campaigns. Networking and understanding which media outlets your business could benefit from is a savvy step to make. It’s advised that you build a relationship with journalists before you pitch to them and that you take the most of modern media platforms, such as podcasting. Perhaps even curating a podcast or video channel that is directly associated with your website that imparts advice will give people a unique reason to share and visit your business’ content.

Getting the business you manage to raise its profile is partly to do with keeping it in-line with modern business marketing standards, and can also help your business earn its place to be advertised by other outlets. Aside from creating an affiliate partnership with publishing platforms, your business should warrant the visitors in the first place: why should they keep looking at your website? Why should this newspaper take your advertisement? What you have to offer needs to be clear and presented well.