Hudson 3.  Defining your organisational purpose in the New World of Work

article imageAn organisation’s purpose is more than just a statement - it drives strategy and structure, decision-making, recruitment and employee development, as well as customer and stakeholder relationships - its influence permeates all aspects of the organisation. Here’s why you need to take purpose seriously:

ThoughtWorks 4.  Growing up in technology

article imageWomen in tech is a hot topic, as it well should be. I have been working within the tech industry for 18 years, and I have certainly seen positive change, albeit depressingly slow in many companies and educational institutes. However, as we keep marching forward, it is now a subject that frequently comes up in conversation with clients, colleagues and friends alike.

Wood Mackenzie Ltd 5.  Making The Transition: What South Australia Can Teach Us About Switching On To Renewables

article imageAround half of South Australia's power generation capacity comes from wind and solar, with renewables' share of the energy mix continuing to rise. The Australian state is proving a world leader in the rapid rise of renewable penetration into an energy grid, especially for markets with limited or unreliable interconnections into neighbouring systems. As a result, South Australia is a case study in how - and how not - to manage a power system in transition to renewable energy.

ThoughtWorks 6.  Connected things, not devices

article imageThe most common question I receive on a daily basis is “what exactly is the Internet of Things?”. It took a while for me to realise that the most important term here was 'exactly'. This suggested to me that most people believed they felt they understood the term 'Internet of Things' to a certain degree but still had some gaps in their overall comprehension of this considerably over-hyped term...

Oliver Wyman 7.  Predictions On Cybersecurity, The Public Cloud, And Big Data

article imageIn 2017, new trends in cybersecurity, the public cloud, and big data redefined the high tech landscape in ways that caught many companies off guard. As we contemplate what 2018 might bring, we thought it might be helpful to share some predictions for what might happen in the new year in these three increasingly critical areas.

Capgemini Consulting 8.  The application of digital technologies must enhance the happiness of people.

article image“Happy Two Thousand Eighteen!” As the year draws to a close, this is a phrase that you undoubtedly will hear all around. This time however, it is much more than a simple matter of wishing people the best for the new year. We believe that a digital You Experience strategy must revolve around what we call the “Digital Happiness” of the customer (and for that matter, the happiness of your people in the organization that are producing products and services).

Hitachi Consulting Europe 9.  State Of The IoT: Why So Many Business Leaders Are Paying Attention

article imageOf all the emerging technologies that companies are contending with, the Internet of Things is what’s keeping business leaders up at night. In fact, according to a new survey by Forbes Insights, IoT is ranked as the most important technology initiative by senior executives; more important than artificial intelligence and robotics, among many others.

Deloitte 11.  The business leader’s guide to robotic process automation and intelligent automation

article imageRobotic Process Automation has been maturing quietly over the last decade and is now used for enterprise-scale deployments. Intelligent Automation, while still nascent, promises hugely transformative potential in the near future. To maximise the impact of robot-led automation, business leaders need to have a solid understanding of the available tools and a clearly defined strategy for automating their enterprises.

Deloitte 14.  Advancing The Digital Audit

article imageAlthough innovation in the audit industry may not be visible to the average corporate citizen, Deloitte is transforming its business to enhance quality and deliver more value to its stakeholders.

ThoughtWorks 15.  Top Insights Content from 2017

article imageIt is that time of the year when we pause to reflect on the year that was and reset to welcome another eventful, challenging year. We present to you a compilation of the top articles of 2017, not limited to popularity but including our editors’ picks for this year.