2.  Crowdfunding says goodbye to the Gatekeepers and hello to New Power

No one can deny that the social and political landscape is changing.Driven by the digital revolution and gathering pace as the number of so-called ‘digital natives’ reach adulthood, this paradigm shift is a result of society shunning traditional leadership models and preferring direct connection instead of intermediation.It’s because of this shift that crowdfunding was born, and the effects it’s having on society are far more profound than many realise.

ThoughtWorks 4.  Is the Red Queen right about digital?

article imageThe ever-changing business landscape reminds me of what Lewis Carroll’s Red Queen says to Alice, “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.” Today, I see legacy enterprises in a similar state of flux where they are trying to maintain a status quo, while digital is fast becoming the overwhelming norm. This Red Queen Effect highlights the dilemma of any large enterprise that’s trying to differentiate itself in the digital age.

7.  How IoT Will Impact Business

article imageThe Internet of Things is the interconnection of devices across a broad spectrum in our daily lives. Inside of it is an innumerable amount of data that travels between devices and servers that are constantly analysing what we are doing and how we are doing it.

8.  The Role of Emotion in Business

The 70s duo Gallagher and Lyle sang “I wear my heart on my sleeve”.But is that level of transparency appropriate at work?What place do emotions have in business?Are they helpful or harmful?

Hitachi Consulting Europe 9.  Turning innovation inside out through co-creation

article imageHitachi has released a point of view on the topic of co-creation, which we define as the process of innovating with partners in order to create new value for business stakeholders, customers and society at large. It’s a powerful message that is resonating in the market.

ThoughtWorks 10.  Continuous improvement in a safe environment

article imageWhen working with technology and software development, we often hear about "continuous improvement", a concept taken from production systems that represents a continuous effort to improve products, services, or processes. Its implementation can be summarised by the following three Kaizen paradigms...

11.  Top Tips For Improving Your HR department

When it comes to improving and managing your business, having an effective HR department will ensure that your firm continues to attract top talent while caring and supporting the workforce that you already have.

13.  5 ways cloud computing is going to change in 2018

article imageCloud Computing has gained significant popularity over the last few years as its applications continue to soar in big data and artificial intelligence. Changes in cloud computing services are now moving the technology into a new phase of innovation and development.

Forbes 14.  Top 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Isn't Working For You (And How To Fix Them)

article imageOver the past 17 years, I have encountered countless excuses as to why companies feel that digital marketing won’t work for them. All too often, companies fall into the trap of thinking that their business model is "too different" or "too unique" for internet marketing. In the following article, I will explain the top five reasons that digital marketing strategies fail and offer some suggestions as to how your company can avoid them.

ThoughtWorks 15.  Microservices in Adopt?

article imageMicroservices play a major role in many organisations today. The movement gained momentum with the seminal article by James Lewis and Martin Fowler, followed by Sam Newman's book and numerous talks and articles by ThoughtWorkers, folks from Netflix, Google, and many others. Microservices quickly made it to the Trial ring on the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar, but they've never made it into the Adopt ring. Today, I want to explore the question of why microservices aren’t in Adopt?

Hitachi Consulting Europe 16.  11 tips for new consultants to hit the ground running

article imageThis post is on practical tips to being successful as a new consultant. A former manager once said to me, “do well in your first project, and you can write your own ticket for the next few years.” To that end, here’s a tactical list for getting off to a fast start on a new project. Follow the 11 steps below and you’ll be a management maven in no time:

18.  IT CONSULTANT BALANCING ACT Balancing Low-Code Productivity With IT Engineering Best Practise ……. How Consultants Can Broker the Peace

Companies undertaking digital transformation projects are now utilising new low-code tooling and/or citizen developers to produce disruptive line-of-business apps.This new source of app development overcomes the frustrating bottlenecks and limitations faced by traditional internal IT departments that rely on time honoured engineering approaches.These traditional internal IT operations are often tied-up delivering support and maintenance for core enterprise systems.It is their inability to keep pace with an organisation’s demand for disruptive apps and the clamour of those who need them that has, in part, led to the growth of the Shadow IT, Citizen Developer market.

19.  Win the workplace: Designing services for people

Who is your HR process designed for? Human Resources or your people? The workforce is changing, and the quality of interaction that consumers experience with companies like Facebook, Uber or Amazon has become their expectation.

20.  Equity versus Rewards Crowdfunding - which is better?

Crowdfunding has gone beyond the early adopter stage, says John Auckland of TribeFirst, meaning most people have now heard of it.A recent survey by TribeFirst suggests that we are getting close to the stage where more people in the UK have supported a crowdfunding campaign than haven’t.The survey, completed by 250 people, showed that 43.8% of the respondents had backed either a charity, rewards or equity crowdfunding campaign.