1.  Word hacks to make your presentation memorable

When you give a presentation you want your words to stick in the minds of our audience.Luckily there are tools we can use to ensure that our audience members remember both the important points being made and the speaker as well.The same tools also help speakers remember what to say.

PwC 2.  Raising Children in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

article imageArtificial Intelligence has the potential to fundamentally rework basic aspects of the modern world: healthcare, energy, entertainment, governance, gaming; the list goes on, as we’ve discussed in PwC’s recent AI predictions. As this process unfolds, we, the adults, must prepare our children to inhabit a future full of new challenges and opportunities. At PwC, we employ a Responsible Technology approach to emerging technology to comprehensively model this landscape.

PwC 7.  Developing the right toolkit to stay competitive

article imageCEOs know they must ensure that the right human skills are available in a world already being disrupted by emerging technologies.There is widespread agreement on the need for businesses to train employees whose existing tasks may be threatened by automation, or to provide the company with the new skills it requires

PA Consulting Group 8.  Manufacturing is going digital – how you can make the most of data, AI and automation to boost profit

article imageDriverless cars we use but don’t own. Autonomous robots that do our bidding. Hyperloop transport moving us from A to B through frictionless tubes. 3D printed parts we slot in to aircraft engines. These things seemed like fantasies only a short time ago. Yet now they’re very real possibilities. In fact, those aero engine parts are already flying. They’re developing (and fast) because manufacturing is going digital

ThoughtWorks 9.  Choreographers - the missing role in enterprise transformation

article imageWhat’s required for an enterprise designed for dynamic markets is the ability to anticipate new threats, constraints, and opportunities, while assessing available options and adjusting to the path ahead. Such forward-thinking businesses need a ‘learning loop’ within which teams can test, learn, and adjust their way towards a goal.

EY 10.  Digital Deal Economy Study

article imageOur second Digital Deal Economy Study, a survey of more than 900 executives, finds companies increasingly embracing the digital imperative. No surprise there, given digital technologies and applications are continuously reinventing and reshaping industry landscapes and business models.

Capgemini 11.  The Digital Talent Gap

article imageNearly all organisations would agree that digital talent is important and that they are aware of the digital talent gap. Our pioneering research in collaboration with LinkedIn however, suggests that although the majority of companies frequently discuss this gap, concrete action to bridge it is rarely taken. Close to 50% of the organisations we studied conceded they have not taken digital talent seriously.

PA Consulting Group 12.  Could unlimited time off backfire?

article imageFollowing the announcement that BlackRock is to grant employees unlimited time off work, Katharine Henley, people and talent expert at PA Consulting Group, says the move sends out a “strong message” about the importance of work-life balance.

14.  What enterprises will focus on for digital transformation in 2018

article imageUp until this year, organisations could often afford to overlook the bigger picture for various digital upgrades, improvements, and modernisation. In 2018, these threads will now become so connected that increasingly holistic digital transformation efforts will focus on more customer and worker-centric models for better organising how they function to avoid disruption while creating value faster and more effectively.

Huntswood 15.  ‘On the agenda’ - board discussions in 2018:

article imageOur annual survey, conducted with over 400 non-executive directors (NEDs) and company secretaries (CoSecs) working at regulated firms, asked respondents to tell us what they see as the main regulatory and conduct risk concerns for 2018.

ThoughtWorks 16.  Understanding how Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Work Together

article imageThe ideas of agile are great. It’s the way it has been codified into rituals and certifications and rolled out mindlessly that misses the point. When people talk about Lean, the conversation often ends at process optimisation, waste, and quality, and misses so much of what the Lean mindset offers...

ThoughtWorks 18.  What to expect: 6 predictions for retail 2018

article imageHow would you describe retail in 2017? For some, it’s the year that marked the sector’s true transformation. Under the backdrop of growing economic uncertainty and with Brexit looming, what does 2018 hold for retail?

19.  The Transition to Industry

River Partnership’s search division has combined expertise of over 35 years in the Strategy market, having managed hundreds of placements from Consulting into Industry. This report analyses the motivations, decision-making and post-transition perspectives behind this particular career trajectory.