PA Consulting Group 4.  9 essential reads for business leaders from 2018

article imageOrganisations around the world have faced new challenges in 2018, giving rise to exciting new opportunities. As an innovation and transformation consultancy that believes in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future in a technology-driven world, we’re at the forefront of seizing those opportunities. And that gives us unique insights into the space where strategy, technology and innovation collide – where opportunity appears.

PA Consulting Group 6.  No one can predict 2019. But everyone can plan for it

article imageAround this time each year, my inbox begins to fill up with messages from organisations offering up their predictions for the next year. As a futurist, people also often ask me what my own predictions are for 2019. This is a question that provides me with an opportunity to clear up a common misconception – in fact, good futurists rarely make predictions, and certainly not for a time horizon as soon as just a few weeks away.

PA Consulting Group 15.  The evolution of the agile organisation

article imagePA's report on the agile organisation, titled 'The evolution of the agile organisation' is featured on Computer Weekly's premium content hub. The article explains PA's research which finds that organisations can improve thier financial performance as a result of adopting agile techniques.

16.  The importance of not being an imbecile - becoming a disruptive innovator

The French have a saying: “il n'y a que les imbéciles qui ne changent pas d'avis”.Translating loosely as “only fools don’t change their mind”, at first glance this might sound like the perfect excuse for those prone to the odd contradiction or ‘U-turn’.But what separates a business from its competitors is an ability to change the plan rapidly to respond to emerging requirements, technologies and customer insight to meet customers’ ever changing needs.

17.  The key to automation success? Upskilling your workforce

article imageCurrently, automation does increase productivity to an extent, but the key to reaching its full potential is by an appropriate upskilling of the workforce. This was the conclusion of Capgemini’s latest report, which also found that in the majority of companies, automation is not yet meeting executives’ desired goals of increased productivity.

18.  The five lessons consulting firms need to learn about the next generation of managed services

Our recent report on how the consulting delivery model could change from being an often uncomfortable and suboptimal mix of advice and implementation to a combination of deep expertise, smart software, and proprietary data (something we’ve reluctantly—in the absence of anything better—termed “managed services”) has triggered more conversations with more firms than anything else we’ve written this year.

ThoughtWorks 19.  The seven tenets of new age business analysis

article imageThe most radical period of change in industrial history is nearly upon us. While technology is evolving faster than humanity and is able to keep up with it, there is a need for rapid, sustained and growing innovation in what the World Economic Forum has dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Forbes 20.  How To Integrate AI Into The Enterprise

article image15 years or so ago, AI still largely had a terrible reputation. It had suffered from decades of over-promise and under-delivery, and if you went into a company saying you wanted to do something with AI, you’d be treated with a high degree of skepticism. Now, it’s rare to find any technology-driven venture that doesn’t have AI of some kind in it. It’s akin to the dot-com boom whereby every single business in the world, and indeed most projects within businesses, had to have a web element to it. Now, the same is largely the case with AI.