Hudson 1.  How your organisation can improve diversity and inclusion

article imageInvesting in a diverse and well-balanced workforce comes with a number of compelling business benefits; organisations with a diverse team are more likely to outperform the competition, attract high-performing new talent, and build better and more rewarding relationships with customers, to name just a few.

2.  Managed services: The next leap forward for the consulting industry

Seventeen percent.That’s how much we estimate the digital consulting market will grow in 2017 (and our number is just for consulting, if you include the systems implementation, hardware, and software elements, then growth will be even higher).But where is growth going to come from in more traditional consulting services?The key here will be to re-draw the boundaries of consulting.

Hitachi Consulting Europe 5.  How deep is your love for deep learning?

article imageWe are living in an era driven by algorithms and more specifically deep learning algorithms which are beginning to pervading and potentially intruding every single facet of our personal and professional lives.

PA Consulting Group 6.  Why lack of accountability puts your change programme at risk

article imageChange programmes are part of corporate life. Every once in a while organisations take the difficult and costly decision to replace technology systems, develop new products, re-structure or focus on different behaviours. The disciplines of project and programme management have been developed to try to simplify and structure these large, complex and necessary changes.

7.  Looking for growth: Go east

It’s almost a decade since the Global Financial Crisis barrelled into consulting revenues, causing what was probably the single biggest downturn the industry has ever experienced.In the years that have followed, we’ve seen some markets recover more quickly than others (Germany compared to Belgium, for example), but through it all there’s been one constant—the importance of the US market.

Gartner 9.  The Power of (Product) Moments

article imageCustomer Experience is largely about maximising moments. Throughout every aspect of customer experience, there are specific points in time that are truly Moments of Truth–instances that make, or break, the customer experience. Identifying and recognising moment of truth opportunities is more important than perfecting every aspect, every interaction of a customer experience.

11.  Internal consulting: Five steps to success

Our recent article about the market opportunity for internal consulting teams clearly touched a nerve.From the emails and other comments we’ve received, everyone sees the potential in expanding into markets outside their parent company, but there’s widespread debate about the best way to exploit it.

PA Consulting Group 13.  Keep your mind open – and your customer close

article imageChange is never far from the top of the board’s agenda. The key to getting it right is understanding the biggest change of all – their relationship with customers. It’s about discovering the art of putting their business at the heart of their customers’ thinking. And some old businesses are learning new tricks to point the way ahead.

OEE 14.  How to design your business for success

article imageA well-designed operating model should support your business operations, providing flex to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, and effortlessly delivering your service proposition. This article, explores how thoughtful operating model design can deliver better customer experience and enhanced profits.

16.  Eight things to look out for in 2018

There’s nothing like a bit of crystal ball gazing to stimulate debate, so I’ve been asking the senior partners we talk to on a regular basis what they’ll be thinking about next year.

17.  Choosing People over Process - Tomorrow's take on Performance

It’s Friday night.The city’s finest restaurant is bathed in candlelight, while a couple clinks to ten years and sips on overpriced champagne.This evening was long awaited; the prospect of some adult conversation was worth the logistical gymnastics required to get the kids babysat.One partner looks into the other’s eyes, lingers lovingly over the pregnant pause and then launches the opening statement as planned: “Honey, thanks for joining me for your annual performance review.I’ve been looking forward to examining how you’ve gone over the past 12 months.”

PA Consulting Group 18.  What do dogs and artificial intelligence have in common?

article imageAnyone pondering how to make the most of artificial intelligence needs to be clear about exactly what they want to achieve with it, and what they want it to do. They also need to avoid falling into the trap of comparing it to human intelligence.

ThoughtWorks 20.  When the Moats Dry Up: Opening the Gates to Disruptive Innovators

article imageHow frightening should the prospect of disruptive innovators be for the leaders of a well-run business? There’s a reason for skepticism. Even with all the talk of innovation and creative change in the global marketplace, for many years business success has depended as much on defending against change as enabling it.