Capgemini Consulting 3.  Reshaping the Future: Unlocking Automation’s Untapped Value

article imageWhether it’s taking advantage of automation quick wins, those use cases that are not only easy to implement but also have a high benefit upside, or implementing automation use cases on a larger scale, the new report by the Capgemini Research Institute “Reshaping the future: unlocking automation’s untapped value” shows that organisations are not yet taking full advantage of the benefits of automation.

ThoughtWorks 4.  The top 5 mistakes you're making when it comes to customer loyalty

article imageWe operate in an increasingly fast, complex and interconnected world, where nimble new market entrants have been able to upend established sectors through a laser focus on unified experiences that win loyalty — and drive great businesses. Many of these barnstorming startups share a common feature: they have co-founders who have embraced human-centered design or come from a design background.

6.  Working from home? Here’s how to make it work for you

With the advancement of technology and more organisations offering flexible working arrangements, telecommuting has become the norm among many professionals today.Research from the TUC (Trades Union Congress) estimated that the number of people working remotely in the UK increased by a fifth between 2006 and 2016, and now stands at approximately 1.5 million.

Gartner 7.  Magic Won’t Help You Meet Your Goals, but Customer Insights Will

article imageGartner research shows the need for customer insights is growing — 74% of marketing leaders surveyed ranked market and customer insight as their most prized capability. This makes sense; customers expect personalised, targeted, relevant experiences and the way to determine the how, what and where of those experiences is through qualitative and quantitative customer insight.

Deloitte 9.  What Does It Mean to Be an Inclusive Leader?

article imageDiversity and inclusion are key factors attracting and engaging the kind of workforce that will build your company’s future. But research shows there can be a disconnect between what companies say they do and how people really experience inclusion in the workplace.

PA Consulting Group 11.  Why are you using waterfall to deliver Agile?

article imageOrganisations around the world are striving to adopt a more agile mind-set. The benefits of smaller teams, a start-up culture and being more responsive to change are clear. But we often see teams attempting to deliver this significant change using traditional, waterfall approaches.

19.  Recruiting for creative, entrepreneurial talent

Research from Accenture Operations has found that organizations increasingly are looking to hire creative, innovative talent as part of their broader move toward developing intelligent operations that harness talent, data, and intelligence to make them more agile and responsive.