Deloitte 1.  You won’t ever own the customer experience

article imageThere’s been a certain sense of déjà vu creeping into many of the financial services conference sessions and boardroom conversations I’ve been participating in over recent years. It surrounds this consistent theme of ‘owning the customer experience’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for focusing on customer-centred over product-centred design. But all too often organisations are coming at it with the wrong aspiration and the wrong approach.

PwC 3.  The top five trends in corporate responsibility -PWC

article imageLast month, our Global Corporate Responsibility Board asked what the most significant trends in corporate responsibility are today. We contacted CR and sustainability experts from around the PwC network and beyond to get their views - and five CR trends emerged. In the lead up to BITC’s Responsible Business week we wanted to share their perspective. So here’s the first big trend:

Gartner 5.  How to Build a Business Case for Artificial Intelligence

article imageThere is huge enterprise-level interest in artificial intelligence (AI) projects and their potential to fundamentally change the dynamics of business value. However, most AI technologies are nascent at best. According to a recent Gartner survey, 37% of organizations are still looking to define their AI strategies, while 35% are struggling to identify suitable use cases.

6.  The human side of implementing AI

article imageThe issues holding back AI adoption aren’t technical. Here’s how to navigate unrealistic expectations, change management issues and employees leery of AI job loss.

PwC 7.  10 things to think about when starting your business

article imageYou have an idea for a revolutionary or disruptive product or service with the potential to change the industry or marketplace. To fund development and to hone your ideas you may have attracted initial investors to kick start the business and take it to the next level. Achieving a commercially viable product or service as quickly as possible to take advantage of the market opportunity that you have identified is crucial.

8.  4 main reasons why SMEs and SMBs fail after a major cyberattack

article imageWe live in a time when malicious cyber attacks happen every minute, every day, all over the world. Companies from the smallest startup to the largest organisation suffer from cyber attacks. It’s not surprising then that cyber incidents targeting businesses, nearly doubled from 82,000 in 2016 to 159,700 in 2017, driven by ransomware and new attack methods.

PwC 9.  How blockchain technology could improve the tax system

article imageThere’s a growing buzz of excitement around blockchain and its potential to transform business. But what could it do for the world of tax? We brought together some of the UK’s leading blockchain experts with tax specialists from the private and public sector to explore the benefits.

ThoughtWorks 10.  The rise of the digital city and why it’s so important

article imageMany think of digital cities as an end goal. In a way, our cities are already digital. Rather than thinking of digital cities as something that you can see, like faster trains, it’s actually the hidden stuff, such as data, that have the power to really change the lives of citizens.

PA Consulting Group 15.  How do we get our culture to allow ideas to flourish?

article imageOur research says two out of three businesses realise they won’t survive without innovation. But, only 24 percent say they have the right skills for innovation, and only 37 percent have changed their approach to it in the last three years.

CBR 16.  UK businesses could save £7bn by using AI for fraud detection

article imageStart-up company Rainbird, predicts that over a five year period the use of AI automated decisions could bring £7bn worth of savings to UK businesses. Automation will help detect patterns of fraud, which can help businesses be made aware and put more security sanctions in place.

The Management Centre 17.  Leadership - 5 practices of effective leaders

article imageIn any manager’s career, the transition to leader can be tricky. How do you lift yourself up from the operational to the strategic? What are the secrets to providing visionary leadership? How can you inspire and lead change in your organisation? One practical answer is Kouzes and Pozner’s Leadership Practices. This article explains the model and how it can help you transform your own impact as a leader.

Moorhouse Consulting 19.  How can the NHS adopt more Agile ways of working?

article imageAgile project management is increasingly being used in many business environments and outside of traditional software implementation projects, because of the flexibility it allows and the faster realisation of benefits that are better aligned to users’ needs.

PwC 20.  Family Businesses in the Digital Age

article imageThis year’s findings reveal that, while the threat of digital disruption is being felt by Senior Executives, many family firms lack robust strategies for the digital age. The need to continually innovate came out as the biggest single challenge respondents see over the next five years with 54% of family businesses discussing digital disruption at board level.