5.  Consultants set to embrace ‘on the go’ services

Across most industries, clients are the backbone of our businesses, and it’s important that in order to retain and go the extra mile for them, the services we offer are aligned with changes in the workplace such as technology, compliance and complex processes.

Unisys 7.  6 myths about big data

article imageIs your organization thinking about the best way to organize and analyze data? Here are 6 myths about big data to watch out for before you dive in.

19.  You shouldn't need to pull a sickie to have a mental health day

Businesses need to stop penalizing employees when they legitimately take days off for the good of their mental health, and should even introduce ‘mental health home days’ to encourage loyalty, support and good communication in the workplace, according to cognitive psychologist and business neuroscientist, Dr Lynda Shaw.

Turner and Townsend 20.  Delivering value from public assets

article imagePublicly owned assets have become important tools for local authorities who need to generate revenue and boost local economies following the global downturn and government austerity measures.