PA Consulting Group 3.  The rise of chat bots and AI is changing the way people do business. Find out how in a new PA Consulting blog

article image2016 is the year of the chatbot, with over 30,000 of them now available on Facebook’s messenger platform1. Companies such as IPsoft are making great strides with the use of cognitive agents (in this case Amelia) to automate service desk tasks. The vast quantities of data that retailers such as Amazon and eBay now collect about us has enabled personalised recommendations akin to personal shoppers.

Gartner 6.  What to Consider Before Leasing Excess Data Center Capacity

article imageInvestigate an eight-step approach to determine if leasing is an option. Whether the result of virtualization, application migration or other business events, the trend of excess capacity in the data center is encouraging business leaders to consider how it could be monetized. Many are considering leasing or providing the space as a colocation offering.

PA Consulting Group 7.  Will robots displace human beings in the work force?

article imagePA’s CEO, Alan Middleton, is interviewed by Enfoque Financiero on the future of robotics and artificial intelligence. Alan offers insights on the application of AI and robotics to improve productivity, as well as how can PA Consulting can help clients with various projects involving complex programs.

12.  Answering the “Why us” questions at a job interview

In the first blog of this series we looked at the “Why you” questions you might encounter in a management consultancy job interview - Once you have successfully answered the “Why you?” questions you will need to answer the equally tricky “Why us?” portion of the job interview.

Gartner 14.  The ABC Technologies Will Change Future Customer Experience - Smarter With Gartner vía

article imageToday is all about digital business, but CIOs should look beyond it to three transformative technologies. Contributor: Kasey Panetta Ninety percent of all data in the world has been created in the past two years. The challenge is that 90% of data is now unstructured. CIOs must build the data and analytics framework to help analyze that data and present the insight to allow the business to grow, said Steve Prentice, vice president and Gartner Fellow, at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona.

17.  The 5 features of a qualified a sales lead

If your marketing efforts are bringing in 250 leads a day: What do you do with those leads? Do you need to recruit new sales people to handle the load? Shweta Jhajharia The London Coaching Group believes that will be a waste of time and money...

19.  The 7 basic rules of public speaking

Networking, presentations, client pitches, reports to the Board, conference presentations, even interviewing for a new job – they all require some form of public speaking. Simon Scriver, from Toastmasters International, has seven basic rules to help you speak well, confidently and without giving a hint of the nerves you may be feeling: