11.  Why we all need a Career MOT

Professionals are increasingly leaving it until it’s too late to check the health of their career, and employers are not encouraging self-improvement in fear of losing valuable employees, according to James Micklewright, Managing Director of career coaching company Micklewright Careers.

CEB 14.  Is emotion more powerful than logic in marketing?

article imageBehavioural psychologists have long argued about the processes in our brains that determine how we make decisions and what informs those decisions. The question at the heart of this debate has always been the same: is our decision making driven by our logic or our emotions?

PwC 17.  Navigating business value after the EU referendum

article imageThe initial market volatility observed directly after the ‘leave vote’ appears to have reduced in the subsequent few months, leading to positive, yet cautious optimism about the outlook for UK companies’ valuations over the short term.