PA Consulting Group 1.  7 ways your company is getting innovation wrong...

article imageThough it has always been important, innovation is very much en vogue at the moment. Following the rise of legions of ‘disruptive’ new start-ups and big technological leaps forward in the past few years, it seems like every business leader is talking about how to keep their business responsive to change and their hunt for the next big thing. But many are not matching their words with actions, as new research by PA Consulting demonstrates.

Strategy& 8.  How to Unlock the Full Potential of Diverse Teams

article imageDiversity and inclusion are important attributes for any high-functioning businesses. Several recent studies have shown that diverse and inclusive operations tend to be more innovative, generate better ideas, and capture new markets.

Strategy& 11.  Why Augmented Reality Will Be the Next Revolution in Retail

article imageAlthough the Pokémon Go fad now has predictably faded, it holds important lessons for companies intent on reaching and engaging consumers where they are, especially retailers: The game, the first truly social augmented reality (AR) experience, enthralled the new breed of omniconnected consumers as nothing else had done previously.

Axis Corporate 13.  Data transformation: Unlocking the Value of Data

article imageThe focus on data has never been more prominent. A more transformational data model presents the opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce operational risk, cut costs to ultimately enable better decision making.

Capgemini Consulting 14.  What is Crowdstorming?

article imageImagine the crowd out there, full of innovative ideas, brilliant opinions, alternative perspectives, and scarce expertise, just waiting to collaborate with you. Wouldn’t you love to jump right into it?

Capgemini UK plc 16.  How Work Will Change When Most of Us Live to 100

article imageAccording to the work of demographer Professor James Vaupel and his co-researchers, 50% of babies born in the US in 2007 have a life expectancy of 104 or more. Broadly the same holds for the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Canada and for Japan 50% of 2007 babies can expect to live to a staggering 107.

Strategy& 18.  Industry 4.0: The Five Steps Towards A Digital Supply Chain

article imageIf the vision of Industry 4.0 is to be realized, most enterprise processes — manufacturing, product development, customer relations, and the workplace itself — must become fully digitized. A critical element will be the arrival of the digital supply chain.