ThoughtWorks 1.  How to be a junior software developer

article imageIn my time as a junior at ThoughtWorks, I was blessed to have opportunities to grow and develop my skills on several interesting projects, with the help of some amazing people. In this article, I want to share the strategy I used to maximize my professional development. If you’re in a similar position, I hope this will help you make your first steps into tech successful. If you’re a senior or team lead, I hope that this will help you to support juniors in growing and becoming productive. If you’re a company, I hope that this will provide some context for how to hire and staff junior developers.

PA Consulting Group 3.  Embrace automation and release your employees’ creativity

article imageAutomation is set to impact every single aspect of the workplace. It’s already begun to replace tasks and processes done by humans which don’t require complex decision making. For example, a company called Momentum Machines has created a robot that will make and flip a hamburger in under 10 seconds. Imagine how this would make you feel if you worked in the fast food industry. Eventually, as artificial intelligence evolves, humans will make fewer and fewer decisions. A study by Oxford University researchers estimates that 47 per cent of U.S. jobs could be automated within the next two decades.

By David H Deans CIO, Infrastructure, Research 10.  Assessing the key digital transformation trends for the next decade

article imageThree significant business technology trends will enable business leaders to thrive over the next five to 10 years. Artificial intelligence (AI), transparently immersive experiences and new digital platforms will provide the foundation that enables organizations to connect with new business ecosystems.

PA Consulting Group 11.  Does your organisation measure up?

article imageOur innovation leadership assessment reveals how your organisation’s attitude and approach to innovation could be affecting your performance. Answer 14 questions and get a detailed analysis of how successful your organisation is at innovation. It will only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

ThoughtWorks 13.  Why IT departments must reinvent themselves: Part 1

article imageIT departments are on the verge of being irrelevant to businesses. Increasingly, there is a need to reinvent themselves and align better with the business. The industry is at crossroads, where they need to choose between being merely seen as a cost center in the organization, and instead, take the lead to be an important and influential partner in the business.

ThoughtWorks 14.  What a High Performing Team Looks Like and How to Create One

article imageHigh performing is a team property, a temporary state which needs attention if teams want to keep on performing well. Things you can do to build a high performing team include creating safety, investing in developing collaboration skills, and giving peer-to-peer feedback.

PA Consulting Group 17.  Taking Small Steps Towards Customer 4.0

article imageWe know organisations today have much less influence over their customers' buying behaviours. And the customer-led revolution, what we call 'Customer 4.0', calls for businesses to really get to grips with the end outcomes customers seek.

PA Consulting Group 18.  What makes the market leaders, leaders?

article image70% of manufacturing companies that were on the Fortune 1000 list ten years ago have vanished. Survivors include IBM, Boeing, General Motors, John Deere, Rolls Royce, and Philips – they are market leaders because they continuously renew offerings, recharge capabilities and redesign their organisations.

OEE 19.  Tackling the Challenge of Evolving Customer Expectations

article imageAt Oracle’s recent Modern Business Experience (MBX) event in London, virtually every business in attendance agreed on one thing: it’s never been more important to ensure both your corporate culture and approach to technology lend themselves to a constantly evolving customer experience.